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Event Information

Event Info:
We need your help populating our generic demo. This will be used in several areas, mainly for helping our sales team demonstrate the back end data. Please help us by populating this site with information. We need you to: 1. Register. Click on the link located under 'Visitors'. 2. Start a team and create a page. Try adding your own image and text! 3. Join your own team under a fake name. Show your popularity by having lots of 'team members.' Please add at least five people to your team. We need lots of data! Simply choose 'Email Friends' and then email to yourself. Be sure the link under My HQ doesn't show that you are still logged in before you make any donations or join your fake team. 4. Donate, donate, donate. Use this fake credit card number: 4111111111111111 (4 + 15 1's). Choose Visa and January 2002. Please limit your amount to no more than $1,000 to look realistic. If you have any questions, please call Susan @ x3045.
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